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The E. Coli strand of bacteria and a blackwater treatment system.  

Blackwater Information

Blackwater is a term used to describe a type of wastewater, typically containing traces of urine and fecal matter. Blackwater and is usually described as being foul, brown water sewage and distinguishes itself from greywater - a term used to describe wastewater residue from washing processes.

Blackwater Treatment

The treatment of blackwater and greywater in office and industrial complexes often filter into seperate tanks for processing and recycling in seperate treatment plants. Blackwater contain pathogens that require decompositioning, prior to being released into the environment safely. Applied heat caused by natural occuring thermophilic microorganisms is used to destroy pathogens, however, excess water may cause difficulty in blackwater treatment decomposition due to high volumes of organic material present in the wastewater.

Blackwater Treatment and Recycling Companies

Companies that treat or recycle blackwater waste in Australian commercial complexes include:

WJP Solutions


Blackwater Information


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